adj. smart-er. smart-est.

  1. Characterized by sharp quick thought; bright.
  2. Amusingly clever; witty.
  3. Energetic or quick in movement.
  4. Canny and shrewd in dealings with others.

We hope to make your job easier by using smart processes.

  • We aim to be quick in responding to your needs.
  • We aim to give you shrewd options to save on time and costs.
  • We aim to use clever technology to make your job easier.


fresh (frsh)
FRESH adj. fresh-er. fresh-est

  1. New to one's experience.
  2. Additional; new.
  3. Bright and clear; not dull or faded.
  4. Having just arrived.
  5. Revived or reinvigotated.
  6. Fairly strong; brisk.
  7. Sland Excellent; first-rate.

The visual look and feel of an event can have an impact on both corporate involvement and delegate interest.

  • We aim to offer new experiences.
  • We aim to provide bright designs and ideas.
  • We are committed to a different approach in offering support services


tai.lored (tlrd)

  1. Custom-made.
  2. Simple, trim, neat design.
  3. Made according to the specifications of an individual.
  4. Precisely adapted to suit a particular need.

Every event has different needs and wants to be special.

  • We aim to work with you to custom make the experience.
  • We aim to simplify your work by focussing on specific needs.
  • We listen to your needs and respond accordingly.


Welcome to NEWMAN EVENTS, where we aim to consolidate the resources you need to make your events a success.

You need one stop access to resources and we are commited to making that happen.

One stop access to event resources starts HERE

Quick, Slick, Smart

Event Essentials

Where would a conference be without ID and carry essentials? We have a massive range of options for lanyards, bags, USBs, name it. We can produce many items in as little as 3 days.

Warehouse Direct

Undecorated stock is available at short notice, but is more expensive than our imported direct products. You can secure stock and have it delivered to you or your event in tight timeframes.

From China

If time permits and the quantity is right, why not use our direct service. Not only is the price more competitive, but you have more opportunity to individualise the product selected. We access factories directly and our team (from Australia and China) visit factories to ensure a quality product.

China Direct

Your client can access this site from your login and view all of the products we can work on with you. You are the contact and any enquiries will go to you for processing. So, you have a safe site for your clients to use and enquire through. Ask for a login and try it out.

done...creatively, efficiently, thoroughly

Event Design & Branding

The visual look and feel of an event can have a persuasive impact on both delegates and corporate supporters. You can value add to the effectiveness of the event through a strong brand.

Event Web Design

You and your client can access a range of web based ideas. You can choose from a single page landing site to a full website. All can be used as effectively on a phone as on a full screen. Try out a landing page and have it done in a day!.

Event Brand

You might need help with a design for the event, and any material that flows from there. A strong brand attracts attention and can make the job of marketing that much easier.

Banners & Print

Your banner and print ready design problems are solved. We can help from design through to production, or just part of that process. You are in control of the project as we support you in your design and production needs.

Simple, Secure, Surprising

Event Manager Support

This is for you, the event manager. In 2016 you can access a range of resources to help you prepare for an event.

Venue Explorer

Use our system to get the details on venues and destinations. Floor plans, walk throughs, enquiries – all available here in 2016.

Venue Famils

The best way to appreciate the quality or suitability of a venue is to visit it. Once online, this system will give you updates of venues available for a stay and inspection.

Newman Network

If you need peer advice or a list of reputable resources, then this space is for you. Our aim is to have a space you can chat and browse, allowing for access without being inundated with unnecessary business responses.


Feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form, or with any of our contact details below.


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